• The Transcendence of Light

    A puzzle platforming game in which you manipulate your surroundings by taking light to different places around the map. Different colors have different effects on the map object and how you interact with them.
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  • InfinityTale

    InfinityTale is a mod of a game made in 48h called Minicraft. In the game you are set to survive in a world filled with monsters by gathering resources, crafting items and leveling up for skills.
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  • a-mazing TowerDefense

    a-mazing TD is a tower defense game where you run around placing towers and trying to survive the various waves of foes. It features towers with different characterics to be found out while in the game.
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  • Timed Strategy

    Timed Strategy is a tactics game where you have to maneuver units on a map, capture buildings and ultimately destroy your AI opponent in only 10 seconds per turn.
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New Website!

Welcome to my new website where you can play games and read about the coding stuff I do.

The new site is supposed to be a kind of portfolio of me and my work. Go over to

Projects if you want to read about my projects(makes sense right).

Over at the Play section you can play all of my free games and have tons of fun.

In the Download section you are able to download some of my projects and games to enjoy

without an internet connection or be able to use/play them how they are supposed to. (with save options and stuff)


If you have any problems with the site just contact me via Twitter @Zelosfan.


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